Modern Meaning

Grounded Change brings the best of human potential to the modern, sometimes sterile, environment.

After reading Homo Deus I am more resolved to be myself and seek meaning in my life. The author follows the relationship between science and religion throughout history finally, bringing the reader to today’s modern era. He explains that currently humans seek a sense of power over and beyond anything else including a sense of how they fit into the cosmos. As a result, meaning is lost. In past eras we were subject to “acts of God” and other phenomena. We humans found meaning by understanding our role with these events.

Today our religion is the worship of mankind, solely. This began when we claimed dominion over nature 11,000 years ago, separating ourselves from nature as operators of the environment. Control and overproduction have become the cornerstones of our dominion. Through the millennia, as a species, we have gradually placed ourselves in the realm of Gods with unearthly powers, with supernatural abilities to command what we want from nature. This can be read in our daily news with reports of medical and earth science innovations. Author, Harari, suggests that we are on an unstoppable course which threatens our existence; data could unwind and disintegrate us into oblivion.

Written with sharp intelligence, the book prompts inquiry into our sense of meaning and, my any attachment to meaning or self efficacy. Moreover we learn that data has threatened our important and intimate relationship to nature. Who are we without a sense of self involved with the natural world? The thought can lead to dystopic perspectives.

These possibilities, even this outlook, pose problems to the human psyche. Conceptual disruption with these concepts can easily pose issues to individuals, groups and organizations. Yet, there are ways to manage this type of stress.

Grounded Change provides systems, practices to bring the best of human potential to the modern, sometimes sterile, workplace or environment. The practices of Grounded Change regulate one’s relationship to both the environment of the modern era, to their sense of self with my values and beliefs as well as to the natural environment. Grounded Change provides a system of change that regulates one’s sense of meaning, their world and their work. The practices of Grounded Change are integrated with fundamental laws of nature. Learn more on this website or contact me directly.


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