Future Change of Occupations

It is wise to prepare for the future. When you research future trends, two topics arise: big data and artificial intelligence (AI). Understanding each is important

Big data is easily and quickly analyzed for trends for how humans are shaping their environment and for how to shape human’s behavior, typically with technology. Analysis of big data also shapes how technology of artificial intelligence is produced. You might not be aware of it but, AI is most likely already caring for your needs.

Artificial Intelligence further changes the landscape of work and culture. Are you aware of how it impacts your world? Shelly Palmer, a leading expert in technology listed the top five occupations most and least likely to be largely replaced by machine learning / artificial intelligence in the future. They are:


  1. Middle management
  2. Commodity salespeople
  3. Report writers, journalists, authors and announcers
  4. Accountants and bookkeepers
  5. Doctors


  1. Pre-school and elementary school teachers
  2. Professional athletes
  3. Politicians
  4. Judges
  5. Mental health professionals

Any surprises? Do you see yourself in any of these titles? How can you best prepare for the predicted future? Who do you need to contact about this?

Change is always disruptive. Grounded Change assists individuals and organizations transform effectively with the times to successfully meet their goals.

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