Life is the Coach

There are so many different types of coaches these days. Each specialty is important and worthy. When we need objectivity, coaches effectively reflect our challenges and needs. Meanwhile the nature of our life summons us to share its guidance. Our inner guidance provides clues when we pay attention to it. Our own self-help begins when we become more aware of the guidance we receive all the time. You might think this sounds outlandish. If so, I urge you to hang in there and follow this logic.

Each of us is part of nature. Nature has its instincts and wisdom. That means that each human has its natural inclinations and hunches as a part of nature. Nature guides us constantly. The natural inclinations for our life’s path are are supported by the environment around us. In Western culture we are not widely taught to observe beyond the tangible and measurable, however Eastern sensibility embraces this perspective. In the story, The Joy Luck Club (Amy Tan), an old-fashioned Chinese mother observed a person at the dinner table. Her opinion was that he was greedy. She noticed that this person helped himself to the best of the host’s dinner. This behavior confirmed her opinion of him. Later in the story her judgement of him proved accurate to others as well. This is a story, but what about the story of your own life.

Have you noticed similar instances in your life? The wind closed the door just as you completed an important statement, emphasizing your point for yourself and for the others. Or maybe someone spoke the very words that you needed to guide you in your dilemma. While these might seem absurd, if you have had such an experience you recognize the synchronicity.

Life is our teacher. Nature in all its guises is living guidance, whether it be in the form of wind, words, or waves. Begin to notice the potential signs. In my own life I witnessed the joy of the porpoises, affirming in a decision I had just made. When a plant in my garden overgrew to the point of crowding other plants, this symbolized a need for space in a situation that I was contemplating. Today I saw a crane swoop down to eat a gecko. The crane’s calm observation of the gecko was punctuated by a quick reflex to grab it in its beaks. This reminded me to pay attention and seize opportunities when they arise. This faculty is one way to ground change; into our true nature. Of course too literal an interpretation might have me eating squirming geckos. We have to hold this premise lightly and watch for its validity, honing our own instrument of guidance.

As you bring greater observation to your daily life, you will begin to know when occurrences signal guidance. Forms of life can befriend you, caution you and inform you. Seek meaning with them. Their greater message is to live your life fully. Each small step to align ourselves with our guidance takes us closer to our true path, our true selves. How are you living your true life right now? How aware are you of your environment and of nature? What calls for your attention, seeks to guide you towards your life’s dreams?

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