The Nature of Change

Change begins with one step, one seed.
As the seed becomes a plant, change also occurs incrementally, often unseen

Change, in the perspective of Grounded Change, begins with one step, the seed of a dream. Change is a practice, an ongoing, never-ending journey. Rather than creating “a change,” it’s a continuous meandering, often called life. Life is nature. Nature informs life; therefore nature informs change.

Change is constant, ubiquitous, the past, the present and the future. Given that change is everywhere and always, it is almost impossible to imagine any human who does not benefit from change competencies. Everyone changes in their life, therefore everyone needs life competencies. Change occurs, whether by commission or omission. Grounded Change perspective is that the more you develop and practice change competencies the greater your ability to foster a “seed” into a living plant, an accomplishment.

Grounded Change considers nature an essential ingredient of change management coaching and change efforts. As a seed bursts so change is a punctuation, an initiation. Like nature, change also includes repose. This, and other guidance from nature, bring more effectiveness to change. We work with individuals, groups, and organizations. We possess a wide breath of change knowledge, have experienced change deeply as a practice, and we continue to change. As individuals productive with change we have greater instrumentality with others. Life brings innumerable lessons. Have you learned to: manage change, structure change, simplify change, sustain the change? Does your change skill set bring you closer to your goals?

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