Soil of Being

When you want to enhance your career, grow professionally it is wise to consider the operator–you. Personal growth is inherently aligned with any other type of growth. When one learns more of their personal likes, dislikes, passions they are more likely to find fulfillment in their life. And where is the seed bed for these? It is the human heart. The center of operation for anything meaningful that we endeavor is in our heart.

We choose every moment whether we nurture the heart with love, kindness, consideration or whether we neglect it, or worse, abuse it. Extreme self care is not selfish. It is essential. This includes listening to the inner voice, sensing the terrain of the essential, nourishing the landscape of joy. The mind, the control tower of the heart, and the heart (physical and symbolical) guide the path with great awareness and sensitivity.

What are you doing to take time out of a busy lifestyle to seek delight within, with your self, with others? Lift your mind from its daily rattle of chores to the world of imagination; dream of your best self. This is worth considering. It is not just for you either. Your good vibes spread to others. It feeds people without you even noticing it. It brings you closer to the things and the qualities you most treasure.

Take a moment today to reflect and nurture the soil of your being. Place your hand on your heart, feel its pulse. Recognize its complete devotion to your life. This begins a close, fundamental relationship that expands life in all dimensions. Open the door to mastery from within, a more fulfilled, genuine life.

The heart may be likened to soil. Soil may be fertile or a barren desert, but the soil which is fertile is that which bears fruit. It is that which is chosen by living beings to dwell in, although many are lost in the soil of the desert, and lead in it a life of grief and loneliness. Man has both in him, for he is the final manifestation. He may let his heart be a desert where everyone abides hungry and thirsty, or he may make it a fertile and fruitful land.
~Hazrat Inayat Khan


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