Language of the Postmodern Technical

There are many benefits to choosing consciously language.

Have you ever wanted to improve how you communicate with others? There are ways to get the message across briefly and clearly. The benefits of changing a few words outweigh the work of consciously changing your language.

Answer these questions in this quiz to determine your understanding of why to improve your language.

Did you know that relationships improve with the language you speak?
Did you know that you can make more money by using more trendy jargon?
Did you know that you can change your mood by the language you use internally as well as with others verbally

All are accurate; language can improve relationships, income and mood. Words and their arrangement make a difference. This is the first post of a few about the power of language. This briefly reviews the language of the current postmodern technical professional.

Simple phrases say it more clearly than long explanatory stories. It is interesting to learn the language of the workplace. Frequently words harken back to by-gone eras. Smiles surface on as we share these nostalgically reminiscent images. To give a few examples, a few of phrases captured during recent meetings are below:

  • Don’t let it get lost in the sauce.
  • When the pile of garbage is larger than the pile of gold…
  • When the pile of garbage bigger than the pile of gold…
  • Win the week with a when win (win/win).
  • The truth never changes.

We are entertained by someone who describes situations with clarity and yet does not call out the nitty-gritty unnecessary or derogatory details. Do you want better relationships, happier moods, or more money? If you do, then say a few of these phrases and lines. Make a personal and professional difference with a few communication improvements. Have fun, collect more of them and create your own terms!

The limits of my language means the limits of my world.
~Ludwig Wittgenstein

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