Autumn Change

Autumn reflects the often unappreciated experience of moving past our prior success.
Autumn majestically reflects the experience of moving beyond prior success.

Welcome to Autumn. Autumn gently teaches us nature’s sensibility for closure and transition. Observe nature’s majesty and tap into the perspective of Eastern philosophy to appreciate moving beyond the grandeur of expansive projects (as represented by the summer season). This change of season has lessons that arouse inquiry.

Experience the cooler temperatures; notice leaves falling from the trees. Leaves have had an important role in the forest. The leaf functions as the tree’s transformer, turning sunlight into energy through photosynthesis. Scientists state that trees drop their leaves when their seasonal production is complete. Once their work is achieve, they excrete unused resources which cause color changes. Some say that as leaves’ “sugar sweetens” the colors of the leaves brighten. Inquiry brings nature’s lessons to our experience of change.

  • What activity is coming to a close?
  • What fullness do you experience in moving beyond it?
  • How can you improve the process of change for yourself and others?

Eastern philosophy has long recognized that during the fall season we complete our busy summer season projects and begin to turn inward. The harvest is gathered, boundaries are contracted, cultivation of constitutional systems begins. We inhale crisp air knowing a illuminated chapter is complete. Autumn majestically reflects the experience of moving past our prior success.

  • Did you celebrate the harvest (regardless of its bounty or lack of)?
  • How do you let go after the harvest?
  • What boundaries bring closure to the active projects, to bring your attention to internal systems?
  • Can you find something that reminds you of change’s artistry?

Nature is ever changing. Our change resilience can be strengthened through the lessons from innumerable examples in nature. We experience the earth’s passage around the sun as seasons. Each season‘s unique position to the sun orients us differently with our energy source. Nature’s inherent wisdom informs us as we manage our own energy, that of our organizations and all the while find balance in our economic, social and personal ecosystems.

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