Methods of Delivery

Methods of Delivery

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Your consultant guides you and your organization through the change agent journey. Consultation takes your organization from states of maddening confusion (or even what feels like chaos) to become a goal directed system that works together well, easily overcoming conflict and, hums with efficiency.
Individual guidance to deepen your learning and forward your progress toward clear goals unique and essential to your life’s path. Develop your self to meet challenges and achieve goals. Embody your values as an instrument of change. Group coaching is also offered for those which want to deepen their effectiveness together, overcome conflict or move beyond the current status.
Facilitation of Meetings and Events
Focus on the important elements. Facilitation guides the agenda, targets the outcomes, coordinates participants. Participants leave with clear action items to achieve targets.
Our learning specialist dynamically delivers training to you at learning settings with change agents or with intact workgroups.

Learning Modules
Specific customized content for your unique needs. Outcome based curriculum with lesson plans, manuals and student guides.
Online Learning
Save money, transfer information efficiently, schedule flexibility,and reach everyone with geographically mobility for immediate results. Online training caters to different learning styles, urgent needs, challenging schedules and limited budgets. Engaging classes are a viable replacement for traditional on-site instructor-led training as participants have demonstrated content retention. Learners interact with rich content and practice skills from their desk. Participants are encouraged to share and discuss ideas and knowledge with online communities. Shift from individual learning to synergized, connected groups or networks to build specialized knowledge for groups. Speed, flexibility, mobile technology with customized support materials quickly demonstrate the value of this online learning ecosystem.
Bracket a pause to weed out distractions and sow new goal directed seeds. Careful, customized guidance brings clarity and reverent repose. Options abound to work with your style and preferences from any setting. Seek clarity, align tactical projects with goals. Retreats are typically a half day to two days. Individuals and organizations benefit from retreats.
Online Assessments
Assessments, polls, and surveys provide immediate data to inform change implementation. Cost effective, online assessments instantly collect, analyze, and visually represent data. Applicable for countless scenarios.


Audio Visual Options:
Recording or broadcast to other locations simultaneously are always possible when planned in advance.

Setting Options:
Virtual: Telephone, Internet
In-Person: Private Settings, Commercial Environments

Grounded Change Approach

Grounded Change Services

Simple, Systemic, Structured, Supported


Change is constant
Ground change