I came to appreciate you as one of the truly good and right minded people, whom I could immediately trust and share wisdom and concerns, both ways.  I hold a very high place in my heart for you.  So few seem able to engage in what is possible.  But you do with both a delightful can-do optimism, and an intelligent and positive challenge to improve the ideas.  I hold you in high regard not just professionally, but as a wonderful, positive and engaging person I always felt in total trust and friendship.  Go forward and have a fantastic journey.

Jeremy W. Martin, Director Process Management
Boeing Commercial Airplanes


Thank you for your terrific work for the team you facilitated.  The clients had nothing but praise for your work.  They were impressed by the way you worked with the team, and gave special praise for your work, forcing them to be clearer.  I’m grateful to you.  You’ll be delighted to know that the team’s work is, it seems, about to pay big dividends.  They’ve checked things out in the lab and are ready to go forward with 90% confidence that they can reduce the blackout 60 to 15 hours!!!  And you played a real part in the team’s success.

Fred Korn, Organization Development
The Boeing Company


Thanks for producing an excellent line manager forum.  It exceeded my expectation!  I appreciate your efforts and contributions and am glad you are here to help.

Skip Sampelayo, Director, Information Technology
Boeing Commercial Airplanes


Thank you for all of your support, especially for yesterday.  I deeply appreciate your caring coaching and the needed kicks in the seat.  You make our work environment a more caring and supportive place to be.  I have much to learn from you and look forward to the lessons.  Again thank you for sharing your wisdom, compassion and humor.

Susan Fessler, Manager, Information Technology
Boeing Commercial Airplanes


Thanks for a great session.  I’ve got three good ideas to think over in addition to the awareness exercise.  Thanks again for a great session.

Charles Gibson, Entrepreneur,
Los Angeles, CA


Anna has a wonderful executive presence. She is calm and confident with connection.

Lorraine Johannes, Executive Coach Manager
Boeing Leadership Center


Whenever I think of you working in the midst of a few hundred engineers, it brings a smile to my face.

David S. Busse, Software Engineer, Information Technology
Boeing Commercial Airplanes


One of the important things I take away with me is that leadership is not about having all the answers.  Leadership is about having the questions.  I found out that I can empower more people by asking questions than by giving answers.

Ron Hinderberger, Director, Aviation Safety
Integrated Defense Systems / Boeing


You have done great work and the people recognize a need for it.  I know that this is not easy and I appreciate your tenacity.  I have always admired your strength and entrepreneurship in guiding our management team to a more progressive state.  Thanks for all of your hours of listening and friendship.

Lorrie Sivich, Director, Knowledge Management
Integrated Defense Systems / Boeing


Your energy, creativity and leadership provide role models for the rest of us.

Megan Somerville, Community and Education Relations
The Boeing Company


Anna is especially positive and willing to do whatever is needed.

James F. Johnson, Manager, Employee Training & Development
Boeing Commercial Airplanes


Anna is very creative, frequently developing new ideas into successful projects.  Her enthusiasm is contagious.  Talented in helping clients develop their skills.

Sue Anderson, Director, Luther Child Center
Everett, WA


Anna has been a real asset to me. A very good listener who also asks questions that facilitate discussion toward workable solutions. A compassionate solution oriented person who is very good with clients and can think three dimentionally.”

Johnathon Bakon, Estimate Software
Asheville, NC


Not only does an effective teacher need to be knowledgeable of the content and teach it, but also be motivating, have good communication and conflict managing skills, ability to develop effective lesson plans that coincide with the standards, incorporate activities that cater to various learning styles, perform formative and summative assessments, give positive, effective, and meaningful feedback, and maintain a healthy self-care plan.  That is a lot to master! Thank you Dr. Gomez for critiquing me, motivating me, and understanding my conflicts/issues and learning style, this was truly a great learning experience.

Shari Jacobs, Argosy University


I thank you for being the instructor you are. When I initially began this class, I did not know what to expect and was a little nervous about how it would go. You have worked to help me and our class understand and learn this information.

You have been personable and I thank you for that. You have been understanding and patient with us.  I would love to work on a future project with you if the opportunity ever arises. I know you will offer a lot that I can learn. I wish only the best to you. I will miss your personable approach to teaching. And yes, it is a good feeling to successfully move forward.

Angie Cuyler, Argosy University


I have been stretched, challenged and exhausted at the close of each module but have come away with a clearer grasp on organizational culture, communication and, yes, the disciplines that impact them.  🙂

Cynthia Labadie
Argosy University


Dr. Gomez guidance was encouraging. I am now confident that I have chosen the right path and that I have something positive to offer future counselors attending my classes.

Mary Bradshaw, Argosy University


I can’t even tell you how many times I read, and re-read the notes from Dr. Gomez. Her feedback was vital to improving my skills as a writer.

Ami Hooper Knox

Argosy University and
Review Board of American Psychological Association


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