Anna Gomez, ED D

Anna served as president two of three years on the board of the University of Washington YWCA during her twenties. Her initial change work benefited special populations and lower socio-economic populations. Today she consults and teaches graduate students.

Her credentials include two graduate degrees related to her role with change; a Master’s degree is in Management and Consulting and a Doctorate degree in Organization Change. Her clients are organizations that range from only a few employees to 250,000 employees world-wide, that span several industries, multiple business structures that include non profit, governmental, small business, and corporate. The Academy of Management, a world-wide professional organization, presented her an award in 2006.

Grounded Change, founded in 2003, is rooted in practical solutions for meaningful change. She embeds organization change, social psychology, chaplaincy, and education into her practice. Anna’s seminal research on “self as instrument” established the foundation for the Grounded Change approach.

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